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Integrative & Functional Medicine

At Cavallo Health, we provide “comprehensive” health. We offer Functional Medicine, Integrative Medicine, and Naturopathic Medicine appointments that integrate with our Chiropractic Care and other services to foster optimal, pain-free health. 

Whether you are looking for more acute care or you are looking to start a journey to optimal health, these three avenues of health can be tailor-made to your needs. 

Functional medicine determines how and why illness occurs through advanced diagnostic testing and then works to restore health by addressing the root causes of disease for each individual. Integrative medicine is an approach to wellness that combines both conventional medicine and complementary medicine (therapies that are not part of traditional Western medicine). Each one of these types of medicine can treat the following:

Integrative and Functional Medicine at Cavallo Health:


Functional Medicine


Integrative Medicine

Our Integrative and Functional Medicine Providers:

Steven Zellers, DC

Dr. Zellers practices Functional Medicine. He approaches each patient by investigating the root cause of each symptom or illness through a comprehensive intake and advanced diagnostic testing. He treats the whole person looking for underlying causes and personalizing treatment plans.
Barb Nistor, CRNP

Barb Nistor, CRNP

Specializing in family practice and integrative health, Barb takes a holistic approach to medicine that considers multiple aspects of a patient’s lifestyle. With advanced training in cardiac care, Barb practiced as a registered nurse for more than 20 years before becoming a licensed nurse practitioner in 2020.

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