Barb Nistor, CRNP

Barb Nistor, CRNP

Barb Nistor, CRNP

“The body is designed with an amazing ability to heal when given the right environment to do so. Teaching patients how to maintain balance within is my goal in achieving greater health. Everyone deserves to wake up knowing how good their body can feel.”

-Barb Nistor, CRNP  


Specializing in family practice and integrative health, Barb takes a holistic approach to medicine that considers multiple aspects of a patient’s lifestyle. With advanced training in cardiac care, Barb practiced as a registered nurse for more than 20 years before becoming a licensed nurse practitioner in 2020.


She completed her nursing degree at St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia and her nurse practitioner degree at Millersville University.

Inspired to become a nurse following a long stay at the hospital with her young child, Barb appreciated the vital role that nurses play in the health and experiences of their patients. Her journey to Integrative and Holistic Medicine began when she noticed the role that simple lifestyle and non-traditional treatments can play in the treatment of chronic illness. She wanted to be able to help her patients achieve long-lasting, non-invasive health. 


When first approaching a patient Barb communicates that their journey to health is a partnership between patient and practitioner. By providing her patients with the education and tools they need to get better, they become empowered to heal. 


She aims to provide individualized care plans that consider multiple factors contributing to their state of health such as sleep patterns, dietary choices, stress management, movement, and optimizing a healthy lifestyle.

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Barb Nistor, CRNP

Barb Nistor, CRNP

Specializing in family practice, nutrition, and gastrointestinal health, Barb takes a holistic approach to medicine that considers multiple aspects of a patient's lifestyle. With advanced training in ultrasound-guided injections, she provides regenerative medicine, like PRP, to encourage the body's natural healing.

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