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At Cavallo Health, our team of providers collaborate with you to move toward optimal, pain-free health.

Meet Our Providers

Johnathan Cavallo, DC-DACRB

For 25 years, Dr. Cavallo has been diagnosing and treating patients. Born into a family of chiropractors, he founded Cavallo Health to continue his family's legacy of bringing optimal, pain-free health to patients. He is a Board Certified Diplomate of Rehabilitation, one of only 35 in the state.

Steven Zellers, DC

Practicing both Chiropractic and Functional Medicine, Dr. Zellers focuses on individualized care. An expert in multi-technique chiropractic work, such as manual adjusting, drop table adjusting, and instrument adjusting, Dr. Zellers personalizes each treatment to the patient while investigating the root cause of pain.

Quinn Ji, DC

Dr. Quinn is a Chiropractic Doctor who focuses on whole-patient care. An expert in the Gonstead technique, Thompson Drop Table, Ultralign, and is certified in the Webster Technique for prenatal care. She also provides cranial sacral therapy for patients of all ages to help them achieve overall well-being and optimal health.

Matthew J. Weaver, DC

An expert in the Gonstead technique, Dr. Weaver provides chiropractic care to patients of all ages, including geriatric, pediatric and prenatal patients. He believes that the best and most rewarding part about this profession is seeing the patient transition throughout their own life-changing process with Chiropractic care.
Barb Nistor, CRNP

Barb Nistor, CRNP

Specializing in family practice, integrative health and functional medicine, Barb takes a holistic approach to medicine that considers multiple aspects of a patient's lifestyle. With advanced training in cardiac care, Barb practiced as a registered nurse for more than 20 years before becoming a nurse practitioner in 2020.

Our Guiding Principles

Comprehensive Health

Our approach to health is comprehensive health. It includes Chiropractic, Integrative, Functional, and Naturopathic Medicine that allows for advanced healing and more opportunity to reach overall, optimal, and consistent wellness.

Individualized Care

We take a personalized approach to your health. This includes identifying the root causes of your  symptoms, and illness, and offering customized and individual treatment plans to reach your wellness goals. 

Pain-Free Health

We approach pain from all angles. We promote healing from the inside by working to identify the root cause of your pain. We provide spinal decompression to encourage your body’s own healing mechanisms. And, we offer therapy for more acute pain relief.

Meet Our Director

Ashley Cavallo

Director of Operations

Ashley Cavallo oversees all aspects of Cavallo Health and both of its office locations. She and her husband, Dr. Johnathan Cavallo founded Cavallo Health 10 years ago with the intention of providing advanced chiropractic health to patients in Pennsylvania. Growing the practice to include more providers and expanding the focus to include Integrative, Naturopathic, Functional, and Regenerative Medicine was pivotal in making Cavallo Health Pennsylvania’s premier wellness center for comprehensive health. 

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