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Chiropractic Care: Optimal Health is Pain-Free Health

Our doctors are experts in advanced chiropractic care. Using hands-on and computer-assisted adjustments and spinal decompression, our doctors gently align your spine. Chiropractic Care is the cornerstone of pain-free health, helping to relieve acute symptoms such as pain, stiffness, tingling in arms or legs, and loss of motion. Together with our other modalities, such as massage therapy, chiropractic care can provide you with acute and chronic pain relief, helping to:

Chiropractic Care is also excellent for general wellness and helping to relieve other health symptoms like:

Chiropractic Care at Cavallo Health:

1. Initial Consult

During your first chiropractic consult, you will fill out paperwork and meet with one of our doctors who will discuss your symptoms and goals for chiropractic care. You will then undergo a thorough exam, including X-rays (unless you are pregnant). Unlike other chiropractic offices, we do adjust you during your first appointment to get a head start on pain-relief.

2. Review of Findings Consult

Within one week, you will come in for your second appointment, called a Review of Findings in which you and the doctor analyze your X-rays and discuss any benefits you received from your first adjustment. You will receive your custom wellness plan with supplement recommendations and other therapeutic suggestions, such as massage therapy

3. Future Follow-Ups

Follow up care at Cavallo Health is completely individualized and up to you! Our doctors can partner with you to provide a comprehensive wellness plan. Or, you can simply make an appointment from time to time on your own schedule. At Cavallo Health, you are never locked into a care plan or forced to buy packages or memberships of any kind. 

Manual & Computer Assisted Adjustments


Manual Adjustments

Our chiropractic adjustments vary according to your needs and health. The most commonly used among all chiropractic techniques is using a high velocity, low amplitude thrust to result in cavitation of a joint. This type of adjustment is called the manual force chiropractic adjustment (MFCA). Practically anyone affected by neck, back, or joint pain can benefit from manual adjustment. 


Sigma Ultralign

The Sigma Ultralign tool is a computer assisted adjusting tool used to both analyze and treat the body. It works by sending a gentle signal  into the vertebrae. That signal is then reflected back and interpreted by a computer which provides a detailed spinal analysis. The instrument is then switched to a treatment mode, providing gentle force to adjust the area with advanced precision. This is an excellent option for seniors. 


Spinal Decompression

Spinal decompression therapy is a groundbreaking treatment that involves the mechanical stretching of your spine. It is a gentle, nonsurgical way to relieve disc-related pressure, stimulate blood flow through your spine, and promote long-term healing. This is a slow, gentle treatment with progressive benefits. Spinal decompression therapy is excellent for: herniated discs, bulging discs, and degenerative discs.


When I get manual adjustments, it’s instant relief from any pressure or pain. 

You leave feeling better and that tension is gone.


— Keith – New Holland, PA

Chiropractic Care for the Whole Family

We offer chiropractic care for your entire family, including pediatric care!

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