Regenerative Medicine

Your Body is a Healing Machine

Regenerative Medicine is a cutting-edge type of medicine that uses natural substances to boost your body’s ability to heal itself. With Platelet-Rich Plasma and other natural substances, our joint injections can provide lasting relief.

Chronic joint pain can affect your knees, elbows, hips, or shoulders, and it can be debilitating. When conventional treatments haven’t brought you relief and surgery isn’t an option, regenerative medicine may be a solution.

Regenerative Medicine Joint injections at Cavallo Health are non-surgical procedures that apply natural solutions directly to damaged joint tissue. These substances provide a natural alternative to steroid injections, which has actually been shown to advance arthritis by damaging the remaining cartilage.

Types of Regenerative Medicine at Cavallo Health:

Ultrasound Guided Joint Injections

Ultrasound guided injection allows the provider to accurately guide the injection directly to the target tissue, maximizing patient benefit and minimizing required dose.

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Joint Injections

PRP contains many growth factors important for muscle regeneration. The goal of PRP therapy is to concentrate the main growth factors from your own blood and to reintroduce them in the injured tissue, lowering inflammation and promoting natural healing in the body. 

Trigger Point 


Myofascial trigger points are painful, tense areas that are found in muscles and fascia. Trigger point injections offer patients a natural and safe approach to healing. Many muscle groups, especially those in the arms, legs, lower back, and neck, are treated by Trigger Point Injections.

“PRP injections were a lifesaver for my rotator cuff pain. I loved knowing that it was my body’s own growth factors that were healing me naturally.” 

Cheryl, 67

What Makes Our Joint Injections Different?

We use natural alternatives only. 

Accuracy produces improved outcomes.

Our providers have undergone advanced training in Regenerative Medicine, Ultrasound Guidance, and Joint Injections.

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